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Oddity movie poster

Oddity (Movie Review)

Following 2020’s Caveat, Irish Director and Writer Damian McCarthy returns with his sophomore feature Oddity. Building on themes explored in his first film, Oddity is yet another supernatural tale that explores retribution, revenge and karma, all while exuding creepiness throughout. Set for release in theaters ... Read More
Crocodile 1978 movie

Crocodile (Blu-ray Review)

Throughout cinema history filmmakers have always seeked out new ways to bring terror to the screen. Historically you had Universal Classic Monsters leading the charge between the ‘30s and ‘50s, but by the time the ‘60s rolled around, changes began to occur. It was at ... Read More
A Quiet Place: Day One / Paramount Pictures (2024)

A Quiet Place: Day One (Movie Review)

Those into the older silent Horror films, such as the 1922 classic Nosferatu, have been lucky enough to see some modern adaptations of this style emerging in the last few years. A great example would be 2018’s A Quiet Place; the first of three in a film series ... Read More
The Devil's Bath art

The Devil’s Bath (Movie Review)

It is 1750 in Upper Austria and a depressed, ill woman contemplates the unthinkable… suicide. A different time, during this particular period of catholicism the idealogy was quite strict, and suicide meant eternal damnation. A very daunting thought to ponder, it is also interesting to ... Read More