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Combichrist CMBRST

Combichrist – CMBRST (Album Review)

Led by Andy LaPlegua, Combichrist has become an institution of the Industrial music scene throughout the years. Formed in 2003, initially known for his work in Futherpop band Icon of Coil, Combichrist became a new endeavor for LaPlegua, and it has continuously grown ever since. ... Read More

Interview – Janet Gardner

Right up there with other leading ladies of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock during the 1980s such as Lita Ford or Doro Pesch, Janet Gardner is a voice to be reckoned with. Building a career as the leading voice of the all-female band Vixen, they ... Read More

Interview – Loreena McKennitt

There is something inspiring about an artist who follows their own path regardless of trends… yet still finds success along the way. A singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer, Loreena McKennitt is one such individual who has been marching to the beat of their own drum ... Read More