Memory: The Origin of Alien (Documentary Review)

The Alien franchise will be turning 40-years-old soon, and it has had a lot of ups and downs. There was 2012’s Prometheus which answered questions that were probably better left as mysteries, the 2013 video game Aliens: Colonial Marines which slung disappointment in its wake, and ... Read More

The Mummy Rebirth (Movie Review)

There is no shortage of mummy pictures, be they classics like 1932’s The Mummy with Boris Karloff, goofy adventure flicks like 1999’s The Mummy, or failed attempts to start a cinematic universe like 2017’s The Mummy. They tend to have similar titles too, in case ... Read More

Primal Rage (Movie Review)

Bigfoot sightings and evidentiary claims have been made for decades upon decades, and in countries spanning all across the world. Most descriptions of the giant, ape-like creature have always painted it as an obscure, mysterious, yet non-threatening and somewhat even benign beast. There has always ... Read More