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Prey (Movie Review)

The long-suffering Predator franchise is one whose fans are used to disappointment. For a series to be 35 years old and have just the original film regarded as the only truly good entry, one wouldn’t be dismissed if they said the property was as good ... Read More

Hostile Territory (Movie Review)

Fancy a post-Civil War family drama set in the Wild West with plenty of action? Well, that is what is on offer either way with Hostile Territory. Formerly known as The Orphan Train, the film is due to have a limited cinema run on April ... Read More

Primal Rage (Movie Review)

Bigfoot sightings and evidentiary claims have been made for decades upon decades, and in countries spanning all across the world. Most descriptions of the giant, ape-like creature have always painted it as an obscure, mysterious, yet non-threatening and somewhat even benign beast. There has always ... Read More