Interview – Chris #2 of Anti-Flag

You catch more flies with honey. So goes the old adage that inspired Anti-Flag’s twelfth LP, 20/20 Vision, which arrived in mid-January. To rewind, these Pennsylvanian Punks delivered their debut, Die for the Government, in 1996, and made it abundantly clear that they were politically-charged ... Read More

The Guard of Auschwitz (Movie Review)

There are certain films that let viewers know off the bat that they are not going to be cozy watches. Horror films can be harsh, yet seasoned Horror fans can make a party night out of its more notorious entries. Few people are breaking out ... Read More

Nazi Overlord (Movie Review)

World War II. Nazis – the personification of evil. Diving into the history, it’s terrifying to know the many different avenues they explored in order to attempt to reach their goal of ultimate world domination, particularly the scientific research and human experiments preformed in order ... Read More