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Uli Jon Roth interview

Interview – Uli Jon Roth

All too often we get hung up on labeling music one thing or the other in an attempt to better understand it. While this can make something more marketable to reach particular audiences, the truth is there are times where something fits under a much ... Read More
Dark Sarah - Attack of Orym art

Dark Sarah – Attack of Orym (Album Review)

Exiting Amberian Dawn back in 2012, Heidi Parviainen immediately went to work on creating a new project that fit ambitions she held onto for years. A classically trained lyric soprano, Parviainen recorded four albums with Amberian Dawn, but it seemed as if that ship had run its course for ... Read More

Floor Jansen – Paragon (Album Review)

The name Floor Jansen is one that has been known and respected among many underground Metal fans for over two decades. Initially the vocalist for Gothic Metal band After Forever, she would also work with the Progressive Metal act Star One, form the band ReVamp ... Read More