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Sermon - Of Golden Verse album cover

Sermon – Of Golden Verse (Album Review)

In a music world where there seems to be an abundance of lackluster efforts, few stand out with something that immediately grabs your attention. Call it overexposure, over commercialization, or just call it a product of modern culture, it feels like there are less unique ... Read More
Dogma album cover

Dogma – Dogma (Album Review)

There is often an inner struggle for many with the concept of authority. It is one where we question our own existence, beliefs, and ability to stand up for our own ideals. A plague of humanity throughout history, at times the rules set by an ... Read More

cumgirl8 – cumgirl8 (EP Review)

If you are provoking a reaction, then you are doing something right. Of course, reactions can come in various forms – from shock, to disgust, or just plain curiosity. The reaction to the all-female band known as cumgirl8 probably lies somewhere in the midst of ... Read More