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The Meg (Movie Review)

It is curious that we have not had a big budget movie about the famed and feared megalodon until 2018. The largest shark to ever live has been the subject of several universally panned TV films over the years, finally, Warner Bros. offer what we ... Read More

Interview – Matilda Lutz

Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz is an Italian actress with a multitude of television and film credits to her name – including quite a few productions in her native Italian – not the least of which is a starring role in the hugely-anticipated sequel, 2017’s Rings. A ... Read More

Hereditary (Movie Review)

Writer/Director Ari Aster’s feature-length debut, Hereditary, has been generating a lot of buzz on the festival circuit, the general consensus being that it is a really, really scary movie. It is difficult for any film to live up to that kind of hype, but an ... Read More

Dead List (Movie Review)

Many people grow up dreaming about becoming the next big thing in Hollywood. The acting bug hits more people than there are acting jobs. Talent only gets an actor so far as it is an extremely competitive and cutthroat business. Sometimes extreme measures are taken ... Read More

Truth or Dare (Movie Review)

Over the past 10 years Blumhouse Productions has breathed new life into a stagnant and stale Horror film world. Movies such as the Paranormal Activity series, the Insidious series, and most recently 2017’s award winning Get Out have shown that modern Horror can be as good ... Read More

All Girls Weekend (Movie Review)

Initially released on July 12, 2016 by Ash Films in association with White Lotus Productions, and on DVD/VOD September 6, 2016 via Uncork’d Entertainment, All Girls Weekend is a chick-flick of a different color. Written and directed by Lou Simon (Hazmat 2013, Agoraphobia 2015), the talented ... Read More