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Suspiria (Movie Review)

Every time a new Horror remake is announced, there is the inevitable groan from the internet and lamentation over the days when the genre had original ideas. In fairness, some of those complaints are legitimate, but for every vapid and unnecessary remake there is one ... Read More

Hereditary (Movie Review)

Writer/Director Ari Aster’s feature-length debut, Hereditary, has been generating a lot of buzz on the festival circuit, the general consensus being that it is a really, really scary movie. It is difficult for any film to live up to that kind of hype, but an ... Read More

The Cleanse (Movie Review)

By now, everyone has heard of or tried one of those cleansing diets to rid their body of harmful toxins. A trend sweeping the world, what if there was a cleanse that not only rid you of gluten, dairy, and refined sugar, but toxic memories ... Read More