new music 2018

Thrice – Palms (Album Review)

Open your mind and embrace the possibilities that lie outside the black and white. Open your arms in a warm, unifying embrace. Open your ears in the name of Palms, Thrice’s tenth full-length album as well as their Epitaph Records debut. It arrives Friday, September ... Read More

Developing Artist Showcase – I Hate Heroes

Pennsylvania. A Northeastern state that is known for its beautifully lush woods, sun-seeking groundhogs, yummy chocolate, and now, Post-Hardcore. Rockers I Hate Heroes are prepared to place themselves on the map with their independently-released debut album, Save Yourself, which arrives Tuesday, September 4, 2018. Yes, ... Read More

Interview – Evaride

Sometimes, individual forces combine to create a truly exceptional unit – something greater than their individual parts. Meet Evaride, the combination of the eclectic talents of Vocalist Sean Michael Murray, Guitarist Hayden Maringer, and Drummer Josh Devine. Murray has a background in Broadway, and you ... Read More