New Zealand

Devilskin – Red (Album Review)

Hailing from New Zealand, the fearsome Devilskin return Friday, April 3rd with their third album Red. For those whom are unfamiliar with the band, Devilskin formed close to a decade ago. Comprised of Vocalist Jennie Skulander, Guitarist Tony “Nail” Vincent, and the father-son duo of ... Read More

Interview – Ant Timpson

Ant Timpson is clearly a genre force to be reckoned with. Working steadily in the entertainment industry since 2007, producing gonzo films such as 2014’s Housebound and 2015’s Turbo Kid, it is no surprise that he would one day step into the director’s chair with ... Read More

The Changeover (Movie Review)

Strength comes in a multitude of forms: emotional, physical, mental, and even supernatural, but insecurity, stress, relationships, and other facets of life can compromise one’s perception of their own strength and actually create the illusion of its nonexistence. Bob Marley once said, “You never know ... Read More

Mega Time Squad (Movie Review)

Need a few laughs? Searching for a film that is both funny and intelligently written? Look no further than Mega Time Squad. Abandon all expectations, sit back and enjoy the newest offering from Dark Side Films and Writer/Director Tim van Dammen (Romeo and Juliet: A ... Read More