A Thousand Cuts (Documentary Review)

In 2016, an election was held in a certain country to see who would replace its previous president as they neared the end of their term. Despite having a chequered history and after making numerous controversial comments, an outside candidate from an opposing party won. ... Read More

Lea Michele – Places (Album Review)

Anyone who found the character of Rachel Berry on Fox’s hit series Glee’s portrayed by Lea Michele the least bit annoying still could not deny her singing chops. After all, the Broadway alumna Michele has one of those rare voices that comes along once in a generation. It ... Read More

Incubus – 8 (Album Review)

With age comes wisdom, experience, and reflection. After more than two decades of infusing various influences into their style and soundscape, California Alternative Rock outfit Incubus continue to evolve with their most recent release, 8. It has been six years since Incubus released a full-length ... Read More