Niamh Algar

Wrath of Man (Movie Review)

Guy Ritchie (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 1998, Snatch 2000) is back with Wrath of Man, and this time he has left the Middle East behind in favor of Los Angeles. However, like his 2019 take on Disney’s Aladdin, it is another remake. This ... Read More

Without Name (Movie Review)

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep . . .” – Robert Frost There is a calm intensity to the power of nature. We experience this best when we venture out into the woods, alone, opening our hearts and minds to the presence that is ... Read More

From the Dark (Movie Review)

For over a century, Irish filmmakers and authors have contributed substantially to the Horror genre, specifically Vampires. Irishman Bram Stoker introduced the world to Count Dracula, the most famous Vampire of all time. In 1994, Irish director Neil Jordan brought Anne Rice’s Interview with the ... Read More