John Carpenter - Lost Themes: Noir

John Carpenter – Lost Themes IV: Noir (Album Review)

While John Carpenter is almost always recognized for his accomplishments in filmmaking, it should not be overlooked that he is also a pretty stellar composer. Responsible for countless unforgettable scores – including work for his 1979 classic Halloween, 1984’s The Fog, 1986’s Big Trouble in Little China, among ... Read More

A White, White Day (Movie Review)

Initially released in its homeland in 2019, Iceland’s official Oscar submission A White, White Day makes its way to North America on Tuesday, August 11, 2020. A gritty Nordic noir about sorrow, revenge, and unconditional love, Film Movement is set to deliver the film to ... Read More

The Vast of Night (Movie Review)

The radio drama of yesteryear is given a lovely homage in the new Sci-Fi noir flick The Vast of Night, which becomes available on Prime Video on Friday, May 29th, 2020 via Amazon Studios. Cayuga, New Mexico. Peppy sixteen-year-old switchboard operator, brass instrumentalist, and student ... Read More

Christmas Blood (Movie Review)

Set for release on Tuesday, December 11, 2018 through Artsploitation Films on DVD and several VOD platforms, the Scandinavian Christmas Blood stars Stig Henrik Hoff (The Thing 2011, The River series) and Sondre Krogtoft Larsen (Into The White 2012, Run For Love 2016) in the bloody story of a ... Read More

The Queen of Hollywood Blvd (Movie Review)

Premiering earlier this year at the Boston Underground Film Festival, The Queen of Hollywood Blvd has invited a few comparisons. Some compare it to 1995’s Jackie Brown, or to a fusion of Jackie Brown and 1994’s Pulp Fiction. The president of Dark Star Pictures, who ... Read More