Norwegian film

Lake of Death (Movie Review)

A cabin on a picturesque lake, five friends, murderous folklore, and nightmarish visions bathed in black blood. What could possibly go wrong? Join us for a not so relaxing holiday at Lake of Death, a new Shudder Original that begins streaming on Thursday, July 16, ... Read More

Valley of Shadows (Movie Review)

“What we don’t understand scares us, so we need a monster to blame.” The search for that monster encompasses the new Norwegian Drama/Mystery, Valley of Shadows, originally titled Skyggenes dal, which makes its American debut at WHAT THE FEST!? on Friday, March 30, 2018, at ... Read More

Thelma (Movie Review)

Norway’s official 2018 Oscar entry for Best Foreign Language Film, Thelma is a Supernatural Thriller that proves that, yes, those Scandinavians do pretty much everything better than you! The Orchard opens the film in select theaters Friday, November 10th, after the film made a smashing ... Read More