Obscura – A Valediction (Album Review)

The struggle has been real for many musicians over the past two years who thrive on at least one major American tour per year. Showing patience, as well as persistence, Germany’s Technical Death Metal band Obscura are finally ready to take on the world once ... Read More

Obscura – Diluvium (Album Review)

Technical Death Metal is the secret-society subgenre of the Metal community (yeah, yeah Math Metal is probably up there too, but no one is too worried about those guys). Severe precision and blinding speed are the twin counterparts to idiosyncratic visions and longstanding allegory. See? ... Read More

Obscura – Akroasis (Album Review)

The genre of Death Metal is a musical style that leaves an impact, spiritually and emotionally, among diehard listeners. The scene that became big in the late ’90s, grew in the 2000s, and among the leaders of developing talented bands has been none other than ... Read More

Interview – Steffen Kummerer of Thulcandra

The ability to have a variety of creative outlets to explore is a special one to behold. For German multi-instrumentalist and producer Steffen Kummerer, the combination of talent and determination has made him a well-known name in the Metal world. First founding the highly technical and Progressive ... Read More