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Developing Artist Showcase – Moonfall

New York City’s Moonfall know a little something about infusing infectious melodies into their brand of Alternative Rock. Injecting an amalgamation of Pop sensibilities and delicious catchiness alongside the subtlest of EDM beats, these Yankees have authored a memorable collection that they aim to spread ... Read More

Interview – Colin Brittain

When an album is produced well, the artist’s performance is amplified tenfold, making the music stand out in a vivid way. That said, how often does the average listener really know about what goes on behind-the-scenes during the making of their favorite album? The answer ... Read More

Goldfinger – The Knife (Album Review)

Goldfinger are known for their brand of Punk Rock that fuses Ska elements along with Pop sensibilities and creates a wholly infectious, superbly catchy sound that begs you to listen. It may have been nine years since the group’s last sonic offering, but on July 21st, ... Read More