kmfdm let go album cover

KMFDM – Let Go (Album Review)

For forty years now, KMFDM has solidified themselves as pioneers of Industrial Rock. An international act, led by Founder/Vocalist Sascha Konietzko, the current band consists of Vocalist/Keyboardist Lucia Cifarelli, Drummer Andy Selway, along with Guitarist Andee Blacksugar. Relatively consistent with this teaming for the better part ... Read More

KMFDM – Hyëna (Album Review)

The German-American band KMFDM is synonymous with Industrial music. Staying true to their anti-establishment attitude since 1984, founder Sascha “Käpt’n K” Konietzko has kept the act going strong through the decades, and thankfully, without compromise. Working with Lucia Cifarelli  (vocals, keyboards) and Andy Selway (drums) ... Read More

George Ezra – Gold Rush Kid (Album Review)

Known for his signature bass-baritone singing voice, England’s George Ezra has been consistently successful since debuting back in 2013 with the single “Did You Hear the Rain?” Collecting multi-platinum and gold selling albums with each passing release, he now returns with his latest album Gold Rush ... Read More

KMFDM – Paradise (Album Review)

Fascism might be on-trend at the moment, but Industrial stalwarts KMFDM are prepared to spit in the face of authoritarians everywhere with the ironically-titled Paradise. Metropolis Records deliver the electro-fusion opprobrium on Friday, September 27th, 2019. There are simply no musical boundaries when you are ... Read More