The Black String (Movie Review)

Ever wondered what the guy from Malcolm in the Middle was up to these days? Not the dad, everyone knows what he went on to. The guy behind Malcolm himself – Frankie Muniz (Big Fat Liar 2002, Agent Cody Banks 2003). He appeared as himself ... Read More

Interview – Alaena

You can call Alaena the Queen of Darkness, or not, but you should definitely be rocking her music! A delicious blend of Pop sensibilities and unfiltered darkness—t.A.T.u. partying with Marilyn Manson, scary movies viewed beneath rainbows—her juxtaposition of sounds and uncensored honesty marks her as ... Read More

I Prevail – Trauma (Album Review)

Sometimes it’s okay not to be okay, to break down, and to fall apart. Here to remind you that being human is a struggle, I Prevail present the hard-hitting Trauma, their sophomore full-length. The good folks at Fearless Records deliver the highly-anticipated disc, which arrives ... Read More