Penelope Mitchell

Sting / WellGo Entertainment (2024)

Sting (Movie Review)

Arachnophobes be warned!  In theaters on April 12, 2024 through WellGo Entertainment, Sting is going to be a film that you will either want to place a glass over and eye nervously or a film that you will want to swat with a heavy object ... Read More

Between Worlds (Movie Review)

What would you do if you had the ability to communicate with the dead? A thought that may terrify some, for others, it may be a chance for reconciliation or closure. Written, directed, and co-produced by Maria Pulera (Falsely Accused 2016), Between Worlds offers a ... Read More

Interview – Garrett Clayton

An actor is as good as their ability to adapt to different situations. Acting professionally since he was 13 years of age, Garrett Clayton has willingly challenged himself in various roles, and has excelled at adapting to characters in a range of genres. From Comedy ... Read More

Look Away (Movie Review)

While the “mirror and twisted reality” plot has been done to death since the day of the Twilight Zone, Director Assaf Bernstein (The Debt 2007, Fauda 2015) looks for a way to reinvigorate the style with a unique take on an old idea in his ... Read More

Curve (Movie Review)

From English Director Iain Softley (Skeleton Key 2005, Inkheart 2008) and Producer Jason Blum (Insidious 2011, The Purge 2013) comes Curve, the ultimate survival movie. With a small but talented cast including Julianne Hough (Footloose 2011, Rock of Ages 2012), Teddy Sears (Masters of Sex TV ... Read More