The Gems - Phoenix album artwork

The Gems – Phoenix (Album Review)

Historically, the phoenix has always symbolized rebirth. Something which occurs after an individual is literally or figuratively destroyed, oftentimes going into obscurity for a period, it is the resurrection that starts anew for them. An inspirational tale of reluctance to be defeated, The Gems are ... Read More

The Beguiled (Movie Review)

Idle women’s flirtations can mean war, as we quickly learn in The Beguiled. Available on Digital platforms as of September 26th and coming to Blu-ray, DVD, and On Demand on October 10th thanks to Universal Pictures Home Entertainment and Focus Features, this Civil War-era Drama ... Read More

ALAZKA – Phoenix (Album Review)

It is difficult to find much unique in the oversaturated Metalcore genre, but every once in awhile a band stands above the noise. Out of Western Germany, falling under the Metalcore subgenre, the band known as ALAZKA emerge with something well-worth talking about. Originating under the ... Read More