Hellraiser (Movie Review)

Out of all the famous franchises in Horror, Hellraiser has probably had the roughest run out of them all. The first two films are considered classics, but debatably, even those were not very well directed and are a bit rough around the edges. The sequels ... Read More

Interview – Doug Bradley

When thinking of antagonists that have terrorized the silver screen in the Horror cinema over the past three decades, chances are Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, and Jason Vorhees all come to mind. Some silently instilling fear, others with a more boisterous edge, standing out amongst ... Read More

Interview – Gary J. Tunnicliffe

From a young age, Gary J. Tunnicliffe gravitated to the Horror genre. Fascinated by monsters, he would take his interest to the professional level, becoming a special makeup effects designer. A job he is very passionate about, Tunnicliffe has been involved in a massive list of ... Read More

Hellraiser: Judgement (Movie Review)

Back in 1987, the dark imagination of famed Author Clive Barker brought audiences a new glimpse into Horror with Hellraiser. A film different than others at the time, Barker created a dark underworld controlled by an infamous group of hellish punishers called the Cenobites. Creating imagery ... Read More