My Name is Myeisha (Movie Review)

Ready for a Musical? Probably not after last December’s Cats adaptation, but My Name is Myeisha comes from a grittier, sadder place than Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s stage romances. It is an adaptation of the Rickery Hinds (It’s Not for You 2019) stageplay Dreamscape, directed and written ... Read More

Wild Nights With Emily (Movie Review)

Emily Dickinson. Was she an awkward, unloved recluse who was afraid to publish her work or a brilliant mind ahead of her time who defied societal norms and loved passionately? Based off Dickinson’s personal correspondence, comedienne Molly Shannon stars in the brand-new Historical Comedy offering ... Read More

Interview – Barbara Magnolfi

In art, we can express ourselves in a manner that sets our souls free. Raised in Rome, Italy, Barbara Magnolfi found that calling at a young age – first studying ballet, and then going on to a career as a professional actress. Starring in a list of ... Read More