Moonspell – Hermitage (Album Review)

In nature, change brings growth, and growth is not always painless. The metamorphosis of certain creatures can leave the transforming organism vulnerable to attack, but afterwards the creature is often stronger and able to meet new challenges. Music is no different. Artists can either remain ... Read More

Interview – Kika Magalhães

Few get to follow their dreams, and even have those dreams fulfilled. Making a bold move, a young, ambitious Kika Magalhães left behind her family and home in Portugal in recent years to purse a career in acting in the United States. At first not ... Read More

Moonspell – 1755 (Album Review)

One of the most intriguing characteristics of Heavy Metal, or any music for that matter, is that it’s language is universally understood. While the lyrics may be sung in various dialects, some listeners may or may not understand, the point as well as impact can still ... Read More