June (Movie Review)

The adoption of a new member into one’s family is always a gamble. There is no telling what kind of baggage a child brings with them into your house and home. Director L. Gustavo Cooper (The Devil Incarnate 2013) takes us on a supernaturally charged trip ... Read More

The Atticus Institute (Movie Review)

Many would say, do not tempt the Devil, as it is inviting bad things to happen. Anchor Bay Entertainment, along with Safran Company and Poznan Film Group, presents The Attticus Institute, the new Psychological/Supernatural Horror Thriller brought to audiences by the producer of The Conjuring ... Read More

The Taking of Deborah Logan (Movie Review)

The Taking of Deborah Logan is a Found Footage Independent Horror film released on video in the US on October 21, 2014 and is distributed by Eagle Films and Millennium Entertainment. This was the directorial debut for actor Adam Robitel (2001 Maniacs 2005, Chillerama 2011), who ... Read More

Ouija (Movie Review)

Despite all their bad press, the world still continues to be fascinated by the Ouija Board, which is the focus for the latest horror movie by Universal Studios. Ouija was released on October 24, 2014 in the United States. Written by Juliet Snowden (Boogeyman 2005, Knowing 2009) and ... Read More