Kindred (Movie Review)

What does it mean to be loyal to one’s family, and, better yet, how do we even define family? For one woman, family is little more than a cage in Kindred. IFC Midnight delivers the Psychological Thriller to select theaters, Digital and VOD on Friday, ... Read More

The Dark Red (Movie Review)

Can you trust a schizophrenic young woman who believes she has the power of telepathy? Hear her story and then decide for yourself when you step into the world of the new Horror offering The Dark Red. Dark Sky Films deliver this psychological quagmire to ... Read More

Swallow (Movie Review)

How much have you had to bite back to fake a smile? In the genre-bending, feminist flick Swallow, one young woman is forced to fight for her happiness. IFC Films delivers the masterful Psychological Thriller to select theaters, as well as Digital and VOD, on ... Read More

Matriarch (Movie Review)

Which mother knows best? In the Scottish Horror-Thriller offering Matriarch, two fierce moms square off in a battle for supremacy and survival. Lionsgate delivers the action to DVD, Digital, and On Demand as of Tuesday, April 9, 2019. Expectant parents Rachel (Charlie Blackwood: Great Expectations ... Read More

St. Agatha (Movie Review)

There will always be a great intrigue with all things religious in the Horror genre. St. Agatha is the newest offering into a subgenre that boasts such classics as 1973’s The Exorcist, and it arrives to On Demand and Digital HD on Friday, February 8, ... Read More

Good Manners (Movie Review)

Every new person we meet can open up an entire new avenue in our lives, and, truth be told, we never know where these pathways might lead. Consider the doorways opened by a new job, which, in this instance, turns the life of one very ... Read More