borknagar fall

Borknagar – Fall (Album Review)

  Having firmly etched their own sonic path since their origins in 1994, Borknagar emerged from the second-wave Norwegian Black Metal explosion that was sweeping the globe. They very quickly established themselves as an entity that would obey no one’s musical rules but their own. ... Read More

Enslaved – Heimdal (Album Review)

The wheels of creation keep turning for Bergen, Norway’s eclectic purveyors of Extreme Metal, the ever-evolving Enslaved. Released back on March 3, 2023 through Nuclear Blast, album number sixteen, Heimdal, continues a legacy growing since 1991 with its gnarled roots embedded in the old school Black ... Read More

Jinjer – Wallflowers (Album Review)

There has been a lot of hype about Jinjer since nearly the beginning, some 11 years ago. Much of that comes thanks to their extraordinary frontwoman, Tatiana Shmayluk, who can out scream any of Metals’ top madmen. But the Ukrainian quartet’s relentless heaviness has also ... Read More