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Demon - Invincible album

Demon – Invincible (Album Review)

Back in the early ‘80s, the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement was a dominant force in reshaping the genre of heavy music around the globe. Of course, while bands like Iron Maiden would go on to massive commercial success, also gaining attention were ... Read More
ihsahn 2024

Interview – Ihsahn Talks New Music + More

For some, the journey really has no final destination, but more a steady progression forward. For Norway’s Ihsahn the process began when he was only a child, yet continues well into adulthood where inspiration comes in different shapes and forms. Famously known as the leader ... Read More
Zombi - Direct Inject

Zombi – Direct Inject (Album Review)

The soundtrack, while sometimes overlooked by the average consumer, is often the focal point of a film. Many times making or breaking the mood and emotions of happiness, sadness, triumph along with defeat, the music is imperative. Something Steve Moore and Anthony Paterra learned at ... Read More
Another Sky - Beach Day album

Another Sky – Beach Day (Album Review)

The Doors’ Jim Morrison said it best in the 1967 song “Strange Days,” but just fast forward nearly six decades later… and the times are even stranger. No question one of the oddest periods in recorded history, among those sustaining collateral damage due to technology ... Read More
ihsahn 2024 album

Ihsahn – Ihsahn (Album Review)

The name Ihsahn is one that is synonymous with Symphonic Black Metal. One of the key founders of Norway’s highly influential Black Metal band Emperor, his time with them was extraordinary, however, his work outside the band is what truly makes him even more fascinating.  ... Read More