Radha Mitchell

Dreamkatcher (Movie Review)

A dreamcatcher is meant to ward off evil and hold on to the good inside its delicate hoop, but other similar creations are not so benevolent. Radha Mitchell and Lin Shaye star in the Horror-Thriller Dreamkatcher, which arrives to DVD, Digital, and On Demand on ... Read More

Sacrifice (Movie Review)

Peter A. Dowling’s (Flightplan 2005, Studs 2008) film adaptation of the novel Sacrifice, written by Sharon Bolton, initially hit the public via IFC Midnight back on April 29th in theaters and on Blu-ray/DVD on September 2oth of 2016. Featuring Radha Mitchell (Pitch Black 2000, Silent Hill ... Read More

The Darkness (Movie Review)

If Horror fans have learned anything, it is that ancient, mysterious artifacts that are buried and hidden away are there for a reason, and that Indian Country is probably the last place you should take anything from. In The Darkness, a family trip and an ... Read More