Ralph Fiennes

No Time to Die (Film Review)

James Bond is back and, for the last time, is played by Daniel Craig (Tomb Raider 2001, Layer Cake 2004). He has made a mark for himself in the role, despite criticism in 2005 that he was too blonde and blue-eyed to be Bond. Now ... Read More

Dolittle (Movie Review)

January is an interesting time for movies. With the tumult of awards season in full swing, studios drop big-budget offerings that often fall flat. On Friday, January 17th, Universal Studios and Director Stephen Gaghan (Syriana 2005, Gold 2016) release Dolittle in an attempt at a ... Read More

The LEGO Batman Movie (Movie Review)

Since his comic debut in 1939, the DC character Batman has been the face of a massive amount of entertainment, including mass merchandise, multiple comic series, television shows, and movies, both animated and live action. Almost eighty years later, the superhero icon is still very ... Read More