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Yummy (Movie Review)

What do you get when you combine a cosmetic surgery clinic with zombies? Why, you get the little Horror-Comedy thrill ride known as Yummy, which began streaming on Shudder on Thursday, June 25, 2020. In this bloody tale, Alison (Maaike Neuville: De Dag series, The ... Read More

30 Miles from Nowhere (Movie Review)

“We may as well clear the air while we’re all still breathing it . . .” Emmy Award-winning Carrie Preston stars in the brand-new Thriller-Comedy 30 Miles from Nowhere, a character-driven stomp through the Wisconsin woods that arrives to both DVD and digital on Tuesday, ... Read More

Lifechanger (Movie Review)

What if true love had to take a back burner to your own survival, but her beautiful ghostly essence plagued your entire being? Such is the tale of the brand-new Canadian Horror offering Lifechanger, which, after its 2018 successes on the film circuit, arrives to ... Read More