Interview – Josie Cotton

Josie Cotton is a name most associated with the quirky ’80s hit “Johnny, Are You Queer?,” however, how many know the performer more in-depth? Cotton, a native of Texas, is quite the interesting person who has a long history as a singer with cinematic flair. ... Read More

The Vast of Night (Movie Review)

The radio drama of yesteryear is given a lovely homage in the new Sci-Fi noir flick The Vast of Night, which becomes available on Prime Video on Friday, May 29th, 2020 via Amazon Studios. Cayuga, New Mexico. Peppy sixteen-year-old switchboard operator, brass instrumentalist, and student ... Read More

Weird Fiction (Movie Review)

Why have one short story when you can have four? Wild Eye Releasing will be bringing Weird Fiction to the public through DVD and VOD on Tuesday, May 12, 2020. A collection of four short films written, edited and directed by Jacob Perrett (Spine Chiller ... Read More

She’s Allergic to Cats (Movie Review)

Looking for something interesting? Look no further than She’s Allergic to Cats, a surrealist Comedy from Writer/Director Michael Reich (Cats 2012, Video Town 2013) set for release on VOD Tuesday, April 7th via Giant Pictures. Initially cropped up at film festivals like Fantasia International and ... Read More

Holy Ghost! – Work (Album Review)

Brooklyn Synthpop masters Holy Ghost! return on Friday, June 21st with their new album, Work. Marking the first release in thirty years for the recently revived legendary disco label West End Records, Work also closes a six-year gap for Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel, who ... Read More