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Therion - Leviathan III artwork

Therion – Leviathan III (Album Review)

Out of Sweden, Therion is one of the most influential Symphonic Metal bands around. With a history that dates back over 35 years in other formations, many would argue that Therion laid the groundwork for what others did with Symphonic and more Operatic Metal stylings ... Read More

Annette (Movie Review)

Is it better to be polarizing or universally praised? There is something to be said about a piece of art so unapologetically itself that it can inspire such strong feelings one way or another. Leos Carax’s (The Lovers on the Bridge 1991, Holy Motors 2012) ... Read More

Rocktopia Set To Take On Broadway

Rock and Classical music seem like odd bedfellows at first, but there are plenty of connections between the two. Sometimes there is just a touch of orchestra in a Rock song, like “A Day in The Life” by The Beatles. Other times, the band covers ... Read More