Rory Culkin

Interview – Rory Culkin

Nearly anyone who has pursued a career in acting would tell you the prospects of playing various roles are what dreams are made of. Coming from a family of sibling actors, Rory Culkin began his career very young, and as he grown into adulthood, so ... Read More

Lords of Chaos (Movie Review)

Jonas Åkerlund may not have been taught in film schools like his fellow Swede Ingmar Bergman, but music lovers will know his work well. The man has been directing music videos since the late 1980s, doing work for The Prodigy (‘Smack My Bitch Up’, 1997), ... Read More

Welcome to Willits (Movie Review)

Life is hard for attractive twenty-somethings in Horror movies. They get cut into pieces, shot, eaten, hung, stabbed, beaten, and the ones who survive wish they were dead. They exist merely as expository ragdolls; they are flesh vehicles torn apart to inspire the true alphas ... Read More

Interview – Paul Solet

Balance, it is important in every aspect of life. Difficult to achieve, if the right ingredients are distributed properly, magic ensues. Take Paul Solet’s new film Bullet Head as an example, a new Crime Drama featuring an all star cast that includes Antonio Banderas, Adrien ... Read More

Jack Goes Home (Movie Review)

Written and directed by Thomas Dekker (A Nightmare On Elm Street 2010, Heroes series), Jack Goes Home is a 2016 Independent film that debuted at South by Southwest (SXSW) International Film festival. Released on October 14th via Momentum Pictures in limited theatrical format as well as ... Read More

Intruders (Movie Review)

With a title like Intruders, audiences have a pretty good idea of where a movie will go. Some bad guys are going to break into a house; maybe they are there to hurt people, or perhaps they merely want money or other priceless artifacts. Generally, ... Read More