Russian movie

Sleepless Beauty (Movie Review)

Are you ready to have your pulse race and your eyes riveted in place? Sleepless Beauty, directed by Pavel Khvaleev (III: The Ritual 2015, Involution 2018 ), delivers this tall order on a silver platter. Mirroring the unfathomable horror depicted in 2004’s Saw, but with ... Read More

The Last Warrior (Movie Review)

As opposed to 1999’s The 13th Warrior, 1981’s The Road Warrior, the 1980’s pro-grappler The Ultimate Warrior, and the 2011 Tom Hardy punch-fest simply titled Warrior, in 2018, we have a new film called The Last Warrior. Originally called The Scythian, the new title of The Last Warrior may sound rather ... Read More

Black Rose (Movie Review)

Focusing on a Russian cop on loan to the LAPD, bodybuilder-turned-performer Alexander Nevsky (Moscow Heat 2004, Treasure Raiders 2007) both stars in and directs the film Black Rose. An Action Crime Drama, the film pairs Nevsky with talented American actress Kristanna Loken (Terminator 3: Rise of ... Read More