Ry Barrett

Lifechanger (Movie Review)

What if true love had to take a back burner to your own survival, but her beautiful ghostly essence plagued your entire being? Such is the tale of the brand-new Canadian Horror offering Lifechanger, which, after its 2018 successes on the film circuit, arrives to ... Read More

The Heretics (Movie Review)

One very unfortunate young woman is undergoing a horrifying transformation in the brand new Canadian Horror offering The Heretics, which arrives to VOD on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, thanks to the people at Uncork’d Entertainment. If you want something a little more physical, don’t fret: ... Read More

Art of Obsession (Movie Review)

It is no secret that the arts are filled with damaged or disturbed creators that use their traumas, challenges, and/or instability to generate some of the most incredible, inspiring works of art. Art and obsession commonly go hand-in-hand, but obsessions turn terrifying when one unhinged ... Read More

Kingdom Come (Movie Review)

Kingdom Come is the latest Horror movie to be released by Accent Film Entertainment (Australia) and Uncork’d Entertainment (USA) on November 30th 2014. Written by Geoff Hart (The Devil in Me 2012, Unearthly 2013), A. Jaye Williams (Unearthly 2013, Tapped Out 2014), and Greg A. ... Read More