Ryan Freimann

Halloween Ends (Movie Review)

Halloween Ends does something one would consider to be damn near impossible… make members of a high school marching band threatening! Releasing via Blumhouse and Universal Pictures, Halloween Ends opens nationwide in theaters and streaming only on Peacock Friday, October 14th; just one day shy ... Read More

Halloween Kills (Movie Review)

Are you ready to return to Haddonfield, Illinois? After nearly a year-long pandemic delay, Michael Myers slashes into theaters and at-home streaming on Peacock on Friday, October 15, 2021 thanks to Universal Pictures. Picking up just minutes after the gruesome events of 2018’s Halloween, Director ... Read More

Halloween (Movie Review)

Out of all the iconic Horror franchises to be revisited over the years, the Halloween movies have the most confusing continuity by a mile and, after the first, have generally been received with little acclaim. Rather than trying to work out 40 years of sequels, ... Read More