Interview – Zolee Griggs

There are many rising stars in the modern television and film world, and one of them is Ms. Zolee Griggs. Out of Los Angeles, California, she has been in acting since a young age, starring in Cory in the House, but most recently taking on ... Read More

Nobody (Movie Review)

Bob Odenkirk is probably one of the last actors one would imagine as an action hero. That’s not taking anything away from his talents, either. He was very successful in Comedy, and showed off his drama chops in acclaimed TV shows, but he’s not a ... Read More

The Dead Don’t Die (Movie Review)

Some films are indescribable. The Dead Don’t Die, the latest film from veteran Director Jim Jarmusch (Only Lovers Left Alive 2013, Paterson 2016), is one that falls into this category. Set for release in theaters nationwide on Friday, June 14th through Focus Features, in his ... Read More

U-God – Venom (Album Review)

The deep distinct voice of U-God was not included on The Saga Continues, the album released last fall under the generic moniker Wu-Tang. This slight change in attribution was a direct result of his absence on the record; Producer Mathematics told Exclaim! magazine at the ... Read More