Monstrous (Movie Review)

The Bigfoot subgenre of Horror films has a rough history. Often hampered by shoestring budgets, lame monster suits, and, more recently, unpopular found-footage formats, none have managed to rise above the niche to find a strong spot in the Horror pantheon. Set for release on ... Read More

Animal Among Us (Movie Review)

A best-selling author, maimed Sasquatch investigator, and delirious videographer join together with the remnants of the Bishop family in Animals Among Us, a brand new throwback to the glory days of Horror. Uncork’d Entertainment deliver the flick to Digital and DVD on Tuesday, November 19th, ... Read More

Primal Rage (Movie Review)

Bigfoot sightings and evidentiary claims have been made for decades upon decades, and in countries spanning all across the world. Most descriptions of the giant, ape-like creature have always painted it as an obscure, mysterious, yet non-threatening and somewhat even benign beast. There has always ... Read More

Bigfoot Country (Movie Review)

Do not go into the woods! Something wicked this way comes in the new Survivalist Horror/Creature Feature, Bigfoot Country, which was released to VOD and DVD on Tuesday, January 2, 2018, thanks to Sector 5/One Media. In the film, four friends head out into the woods ... Read More

Mountain Devil (Movie Review)

Based on true events set in the Appalachian mountains, Mountain Devil is a Mockumentary telling the terrifying events of what happened to Frank Peterson and his friend, Randy Wallis, in the 1970s. Written and directed by Ryan Cavalline (Day of the Ax 2007, Stockholm Syndrome ... Read More

Hunting Grounds (Movie Review)

Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot, Windigo, Timber Giants. No matter the moniker, just the word summons to mind a gigantic, sadistically cruel and hairy beast who stalks the forests of North America in stealthy secret. In Hunting Grounds, which comes on VOD February 7, 2017 via Uncork’d ... Read More