Mortal Kombat (Movie Review)

As far as fighting game franchises go, Mortal Kombat is the top dog when it comes to branching out into other media. The series has had a Saturday morning cartoon show, 1996’s Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm, a live-action TV series, 1998’s Mortal Kombat: ... Read More

Mortal Kombat – 25 Years of Fatalities

The number of good video game movies out there could be counted on one hand, and even they might have an asterisk or two on them. 1994’s Street Fighter: The Animated Movie is more faithful than its live-action Van Damme equivalent, yet suffers from padding ... Read More

Interview – Tina Majorino

Finding success while only a child, Tina Majorino has made a very interesting acting career for herself. Earning her chops alongside big-time names such as Meg Ryan in 1994’s When a Man Loves a Woman and Kevin Costner in 1995’s Waterworld, she would later play ... Read More