Scott Jeffrey

The Candy Witch (Movie Review)

Director Rebecca J. Matthews (Pet Graveyard 2019) and Writer Scott Jeffrey (The Bad Nun 2018, Cupid 2020), serve up some candy-coated nightmares in their latest creation, The Candy Witch. Released on DVD and Digital June 9, 2020 through Uncork’d Entertainment, it is a modernized folklore-laden ... Read More

Cupid (Movie Review)

Valentine’s Day often elicits thoughts of love and the colors pinks and red. It is a day to celebrate love with the mascot of an adorable cherub cupid spreading it. However, this is not the real cupid, in fact the Roman god is much more ... Read More

Fox Trap (Movie Review)

High school could undoubtedly be described as the most tumultuous, transitional, and transitory time in any average individual’s life, for better or worse. It is an occasion overflowing with young people who are being piloted by the patchy, devil-may-care hormones coursing through their veins; slowly ... Read More

Unhinged (Movie Review)

Most people tend to look forward to marriage, and while ironically more Americans are divorced than married today, it is still a symbol of the kind of bond people strive for in this world. So, of course, the four friends in Unhinged find themselves pursued by ... Read More