Robert the Bruce (Movie Review)

Saying 1995’s Braveheart has historical inaccuracies is like saying it is a Hollywood film… pretty obvious. However, that film’s point was to highlight the then-obscure Scottish hero William Wallace, so it helped to take some artistic license. One of the more curious changes was taking ... Read More

The Vanishing (Movie Review)

Despite the title, The Vanishing has nothing to do with the 1988 Dutch Horror classic. Nor is it an attempt to fix what its infamous 1993 remake got wrong. Instead, 2019’s The Vanishing, released in theaters and on VOD by Saban Films as of Friday, ... Read More

Dark Highlands (Movie Review)

The Scottish Highlands can be both beautiful and foreboding. During the day, one can see great peaks, open fields, rushing streams, and those cows with the emo fringes, but when night falls, all that fades into a pitch-black shade. If any hapless tourist does not ... Read More