Soulfly – Totem (Album Review)

Led by Heavy Metal veteran Max Cavalera, Soulfly has been one of the most consistent acts to grace the scene over the past twenty-five years. Formed after Max Cavalera departed from Sepultura, Soulfly, among his other projects, has undoubtedly solidified Max’s own path in the ... Read More

Sepultura – Quadra (Album Review)

The Brazilian Groove/Thrash Metal masters known as Sepultura have sold over three million albums in the U.S. alone and more than twenty million albums across the globe all with no radio play and a rabid cult following. For the better part of thirty-five years, Sepultura ... Read More

Obscura – Diluvium (Album Review)

Technical Death Metal is the secret-society subgenre of the Metal community (yeah, yeah Math Metal is probably up there too, but no one is too worried about those guys). Severe precision and blinding speed are the twin counterparts to idiosyncratic visions and longstanding allegory. See? ... Read More

Lynch Mob Rise Up In NYC 11-7-17

When it comes to a Rock-n-Roll show, a cold and rainy night in New York City is no obstacle for the Rock faithful. Awaiting a great night – whether by train, car, or bus – on Tuesday, November 7, 2017, fiending devotees of the genre made ... Read More