Shout! Studios

Live or Let Die (Movie Review)

With the current state if the world, the end of times has likely never been on people’s minds as much as right now. Despite all our technology,  a pandemic turned the world upside down, control slipped from our fingers and anything became possible. Using our ... Read More

The Pond (Movie Review)

What if there is more to the world than what can be perceived by our human senses? In the new Folk Horror/Esoteric Thriller offering The Pond, one man’s research presents a riddle that seemingly only he can solve. Shout Factory, the combined forces of Shout! ... Read More

Caged (Movie Review)

Over 80,000 Americans are currently serving time in solitary confinement, each with their own unique story. A new Psychological Thriller entitled Caged, starring the exceptional Edi Gathegi, is the tale of one of these (fictitious) prisoners as he faces a life sentence for murder. Shout! ... Read More

Deathcember (Movie Review)

Are you ready for a really haunted holiday season? If so, Shout Studios and Scream Factory wraps Deathcember in a blood-drenched gift box available for cryptic viewing on Tuesday, November 24, 2020 on Digital Platforms before hitting Cable and VOD a week later on Tuesday, ... Read More