Combichrist CMBRST

Combichrist – CMBRST (Album Review)

Led by Andy LaPlegua, Combichrist has become an institution of the Industrial music scene throughout the years. Formed in 2003, initially known for his work in Futherpop band Icon of Coil, Combichrist became a new endeavor for LaPlegua, and it has continuously grown ever since. ... Read More

Interview – Martin Engler of Mono Inc.

Giving up was never an option! With 23 years under its musical bootstraps, Germany’s Mono Inc. has weathered the ups and downs of its lengthy career with grace. Consistent and prolific, the group has delivered fans a total of twelve full-length studio albums, with their ... Read More

Interview – Eskil Simonsson of Covenant

Helsingborg, Sweden’s greatest export to the U.S. just might be Covenant. With their 1994 debut, Dreams of a Cryotank, the group found themselves welcomed into the Synthpop/EBM community across the globe as they established a new standard for artful integrity within the genre. Touring the ... Read More

Interview – Tom Shear of Assemblage 23

Some bands use their platforms to say virtually nothing, while others allow their music to create a cycle of catharsis. Such is the case for Electro-Industrial’s Assemblage 23, the sonic guise of singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Tom Shear. With over 22 years beneath his ... Read More