Interview – Stacey Q

Some artists leave such a strong impression that it resonates on for the decades that follow. One of those would have to be the undeniable stylish Stacey Q, forever famous for her massive 1986 hit single “Two of Hearts.” A song that still makes an ... Read More

Interview – Auregan

Coming from France, the singer-songwriter known as Auregan has accomplished a great deal in a short time. Involved in music since fourteen years of age, she has already written over 300 songs, performed over 500 shows, sang with Billy Ray Cyrus on the song “Shelter ... Read More

Interview – Cody Carpenter

Music and film seemingly go hand in hand, one complements the other. Growing up with cinema and music in his DNA, Cody Carpenter has grown into a formidable musician, working solo on projects, collaborating with his father John Carpenter, among many others. With a list ... Read More