Special Effects

Mortal Kombat – 25 Years of Fatalities

The number of good video game movies out there could be counted on one hand, and even they might have an asterisk or two on them. 1994’s Street Fighter: The Animated Movie is more faithful than its live-action Van Damme equivalent, yet suffers from padding ... Read More

Color Out of Space (Movie Review)

Remember Richard Stanley? The man behind 1990’s Hardware? 1992’s Dust Devil? How about 1996’s The Island of Dr. Moreau? On paper, the latter promised to be Stanley’s ascent into Hollywood. Instead, its series of disasters behind the scenes caused Stanley to be fired partway through. ... Read More

Avatar 10 Years Later

Some projects earn a sort of fame from staying in development purgatory. For example, the Science Fiction blockbuster Avatar spent approximately 15 years in the works from an 80-page treatment by Writer/Director/Producer James Cameron in 1994 to its eventual 2009 release. Once the film finally ... Read More