Blithe Spirit (Movie Review)

Dan Stevens has quite a conundrum on his hands in Blithe Spirit, which arrives in select theaters, as well as to Digital and On Demand, beginning Friday, February 19, 2021 thanks to IFC Films. The British Supernatural Comedy features a truly exceptional cast that includes ... Read More

The Deeper You Dig (Movie Review)

The Deeper You Dig is a family Horror Drama directed, written, and starring a real-life family. Husband and wife duo John Adams (Knuckle Jack 2013, The Shoot 2014) and Toby Poser (Rumblestrips 2013, Halfway to Zen 2016) have made movie making a family business since ... Read More

The League of Legend Keepers: Shadows (Movie Review)

Pre-Christmas jeepers? Jinkies! It’s time for a Supernatural Adventure for the whole family: The League of Legend Keepers: Shadows arrives to DVD and Digital on Tuesday, December 10th, 2019 thanks to Uncork’d Entertainment, Mother and Daughter Entertainment, and Manik Productions. Sophie Carson (Isabella Blake-Thomas: Once ... Read More

The Tokoloshe (Movie Review)

Almost every culture on Earth has a small but malevolent creature hopping about in its folklore. America and the UK have gremlins, Japan has the kappa, and South Africa has the tokoloshe. It is said they bite the toes off sleeping people, or outright kill ... Read More