Agent Game (Movie Review)

The past year has been a busy time for Spy Thrillers. If one did not catch James Bond in No Time to Die, or Michael B. Jordan in Without Remorse, they could catch Chris Pine in The Contractor. Joining their ranks is Agent Game– a ... Read More

No Time to Die (Film Review)

James Bond is back and, for the last time, is played by Daniel Craig (Tomb Raider 2001, Layer Cake 2004). He has made a mark for himself in the role, despite criticism in 2005 that he was too blonde and blue-eyed to be Bond. Now ... Read More

Tape (Movie Review)

They say if one saw how factory sausages were made then they would never have sausages again. The same could be said of the entertainment industry, where one’s dreams of entertaining people- artistically or otherwise- can get crushed under the heel of bureaucracy, creative meddling, ... Read More

Agent Jade Black (Movie Review)

The Black Widow film is not out until May 2020, and the Alias TV series ended 14 years ago. So, are there any other options for women in spy flicks? Well, probably quite a few if one searches, but the latest offering you will find ... Read More

Charlie’s Angels (Movie Review)

Living in a world dominated by masculine agendas, women empowerment is a topic often addressed in many creative such as such, and of course, film. So, who can think of better portrayal of this then latest Charlie’s Angels film which features a new trio of ... Read More