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Joker (Movie Review)

If you are yearning for a film to watch, study, and converse with around dinner, then the highly anticipated Joker is what you have been looking for. A BRON Studios project, Joker is directed by Todd Phillips (Old School 2003, Hangover 2009), written by both Phillips ... Read More

Brightburn (Movie Review)

When James Gunn was fired from his Guardians of the Galaxy director’s job in 2018, the future of his Horror project Brightburn was in limbo. Then, after reconciling with Disney and Marvel studios 9 months later, and being hired by DC to helm to next ... Read More

Interview – Dan Jacobs of Atreyu

Their influence is immeasurable and their catalogue of music is exceptional. With nearly twenty years under their collective belt, Atreyu got their start back in 1999, on the Orange County, California Metalcore scene. They kicked off their career in 2002 with their debut, Suicide Notes ... Read More

Atreyu – In Our Wake (Album Review)

Theirs is a never-ending story of amazing music, and Atreyu are now ready to make their triumphant ‘return’ with In Our Wake, which arrives Friday, October 12, 2018, thanks to SpineFarm Records. Named for one of the main characters in Michael Ende’s The Neverending Story, ... Read More